Friday, April 1, 2011

Skin Exfoliants

NYC Skin Exfoliants Treatments in New York City-ImageFacial exfoliants are an essential part of skin care since these treatments will deeply clean your skin, as well as remove the dead skin layers that no cream or mask could ever do. You can make your own exfoliant, however, it is not as effective as a professional skin exfoliant service. At FIFI Nail Salon, our skin exfoliant treatment will revitalize, relax and clean your skin and clear your pores. We have many skin treatments that are perfect for you skin type. We use all-natural ingredients and aromas that do not contain and chemicals. 

Fifi's Salon provides skin exfoliants :
  • Hands: Our exfoliant treatments will remove dead skin and wrinkles and make your hands look and feel younger.
  • Feet: Our exfoliant treatments for feet and toes will remove dead skin by using natural scrubs and massaging techniques to revitalize and clean your feet.
  • Body: By applying a deep cleansing skin treatment exfoliation will revitalize your skin and open your skin pores.
  • Face: Our natural skin exfoliants treatments will remove wrinkles and skin imperfections like crows feet, acne and acne scarring, remove facial blemishes and broken capillaries found in women's faces.

 Visit us today to have your skin exfoliated and take a look at our other great services such as manicures, facial waxing, massages, and many more!