Monday, August 29, 2011

Reflexology in NYC

When in comes to relieving stress and tension, sometimes a regular pedicure simply doesn't do the trick. In this case, a reflexology treatment is the perfect remedy. At Fifi Nail Salon NYC, we offer reflexology treatments that will relax, and de-stress you and effectively relieve any tension.

Specializing in reflexology in NYC for both men and women, our highly trained and certified staff will create a customized treatment to meet your personal needs. Fifi Nail Salon NYC guarantees a safe and invigorating experience with the latest reflexology techniques and advancements.

Call Fifi Nail Salon NYC today to schedule an appointment with an advanced foot massage therapist who will create a reflexology treatment that is perfect for you.

We also offer services such as house calls for pregnant women, offices, house parties, holidays, weddings, prom and graduation! Call Fifi Nail Salon NYC today at 212-581-6430.