Friday, February 24, 2012

Minx Nail Art NYC: Spring Nail Trends 2012

Sheer gold and soft seashell on the nails blend well with skin tones and make a surprisingly striking fashion statement, but these bare-bones neutral tones aren't the only colors making a big impact on trending fashion this coming spring. A very bold color scheme or patterned nail art is popping up left and right. As New York's fashion week hinted, the spring 2012 trend is feminine colors in bright reds and ladylike yellows. Where better to bring your newly inspired nail art ideas than to an NYC minx nail art salon like Fifi International Nail Spa?

What makes a bold nail truly chic?  Ask any Fifi International Nail Spa New York minx nail art specialist and they'll tell you: matching tones of eye color or even lip color with the polish color.  Whereas trending neutral tones are bold for being feminine and well-blended, matching the naturally striking (and sometimes overlooked) tones of your own features with the art you show off on your nails.  These colors really  make your style pop, coordinating in a way that others will admire without being able to pinpoint what it is that makes your look so well put together.

For a vintage look, scan your minx nail art in NYC spa for coral colors and floral nail art designs.  These looks are ultra femme and go well with trending fashion this coming season.  From pinstripe shorts to flowing sleeves, the coral colors and floral nail art makes bold looks softer and more ladylike.

For inspiration, collaboration and futuristic fashion trends, visit Fifi International minx nail art salon in NYC.